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A friend has introduced me to AmazingTalker recently. Here is my First Impression Review after my trial lesson. I will create a more detailed review in the future.

A relatively new learning platform

AmazingTalker was found in June 2016, so it is a relatively new learning platform as compared to other big players in the field. What does this mean for a language learner? You will see low prices as the teachers try to build up their portfolios. Some teachers also have FREE Trial enabled. A FREE Trial lasts 30 minutes. It is an excellent way to get to know the teacher. Please do note that you only get ONE FREE Trial. Even though AmazingTalker is quite new, 1037 sessions have been completed already.


Keep in mind that you only get ONE FREE Trial, so use it wisely.


How easy is it to use AmazingTalker?

In general, it is quite easy to use AmazingTalker. You find a teacher with a time that works for you and then book a session. The only downside that has bothered me so far is the inability of visiting the teacher’s profile in your inbox. To view the teacher’s profile, you will have to go to the Teacherwall and find your teacher in the list. Therefore, bookmark your teacher’s profile page if you want to visit his/her profile again after contacting him or her.

Teacher’s name is not clickable, so bookmark your teacher’s profile page!


How do I attend the class?

I LOVE the fact that AmazingTalker uses Zoom! Zoom is the BEST audio/video chat software I have ever used. It has the best network connection among the software that I use for my sessions. When it is time for your class, just click on “Go to class, ” and it will launch your Zoom if you have it installed.

I had my trial lesson today, and it was a good experience. My teacher was very friendly and nice. We had a really good network connection too since we were using Zoom.

After the class, you will have the option to rate the teacher and write a review if you like.

If you have friends who are learning languages that are offered on AmazingTalker, then you are going to love the Referrals system. By inviting a friend, your friend will receive a free trial lesson and a 10% cash rebate. You will receive 10% for the first three friends and 15% for the ones after.

If you have not signed up yet, I wouldn’t mind you using my referral link ;D Click here to sign up using my referral link

If you don’t see the FREE Trial lesson, then try to enter my referral code into the box on the left after you log in. The box seems to be in Chinese only.

My referral code is: U6dJ1seu6JfsHRLt8G7JudvD

Enter the invite code here.


Customer Support

I have contacted AmazingTalker multiple times on Facebook, and the support has been AMAZING. I often get replies within minutes! It does make me wonder if they ever sleep LOL! I am happy for the lightning support speed since my problems are resolved really quickly 🙂


At a Glance

Platform Usability: 3 / 5

Customer Support: 5 / 5

Learning Experience: 5 / 5

Total Points: 13/15

Score: 86.67%



So far my experience with AmazingTalker has been positive. I will provide a more detailed review in the future 🙂 If you have used AmazingTalker before, what do you think of AmazingTalker? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?


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