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One thing I love about AmazingTalker is the special Facebook events. The current ongoing event will give you 3 FREE trial lessons with selected teachers! Each trial lesson lasts 30 minutes. Don’t worry, there are several teachers, so hopefully your desired languages are there. The only problem you might encounter is that the event is written in Chinese, but don’t fret, that is why I am here . I will show you what you need to do to qualify for the 3 FREE trial lessons. This is a LIMITED event, it will expire on Jan 25th (Taiwan time). Do it now !

Video Instruction

Written Instruction

Step 1 – Share AmazingTalker’s post:

Step 2 – Tag 3 friends and post with this message “我要 Teacher A + Teacher B + Teacher C 教師的體驗課!”

Replace “Teacher A/B/C” with your selected teachers.
So your final message should look something like this:
@Friend1 @Friend2 @Friend3 我要 John + Mirjana + Laurence 教師的體驗課!
List of Teachers
John #來自南非 #教英語 – Teaches English
Laurence #來自法國 #教英文德文法文 – Teaches English, German, French
Alessio Lupino #來自義大利 #教義大利文 – Teaches Italian
Mirjana #來自塞爾維亞 #教英文德文- Teaches English, German
Mr Teacher #來自土耳其 #教英文法文土耳其語 – Teaches English, French, Turkish
Summer #來自台灣 #教中文西班牙語 – Teaches Chinese Mandarin, Spanish
Hideya #來自日本 #教日文 – Teaches Japanese
Huijeong #來自韓國 #教韓文 – Teaches Korean
Manuel #來自西班牙 #教西班牙文(跟影片不同人)- Teaches Spanish


Step 3 – When AmazingTalker messages you privately, let them know your email address (the one you used to register an AmazingTalker account).

Step 4 – After AmazingTalker has credited you with the trial lessons, make sure you book the classes within 24 hours! Otherwise, the system will remove the free lessons from your account.

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