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Italki hosts a language challenge once to twice a year. It is an event where you challenge yourself to take a certain number of hours of online language lessons in a set period of time. For example, take 12 hours of language lessons in one month.

This year, the language challenge’s theme is diversity. For each milestone you accomplish during this challenge, you will get a badge on your profile. Sadly we don’t know what the badge looks like 🙁 It is fine for those who want a bit of mystery! In order to qualify for italki’s language challenge, your hours have to be booked on italki. The minimum requirement is 12 hours.

You will earn a badge for reaching 12, 16, 19, and 20 hours. If you want to complete an hour of a special language in italki’s list, you will need to complete a minimum of 12 hours.

Why should I participate in a language challenge?

You know how sometimes you might want to learn a language, but you just never really sit down and plan it out? By participating in a challenge, you set a clear goal and schedule in advance (recommended). So it is a matter of execution at this point instead of just a lingering thought.

What is the cost to join italki’s Language Challenge?

It is free to join the language challenge. However, you have to pay for the lessons. The price will vary depending on your teachers’ rates.

When is the registration deadline?

You have to join by the end of June.

My Language Learning Plan

I am only going for 12 hours this year because 20 hours will be too overwhelming for me. I wouldn’t be able to balance my learning and teaching.

If my budget and time allow, I would definitely take as many classes as I can because an appointment forces me to take the class, which is incredibly helpful for procrastinators (cough, just talking about myself).

Click here to learn more about the language challenge.

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