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I love taking online lessons! They are interactive and fun. I have met so many amazing teachers and enjoyed many online 1-1 language lessons. However, the downside is the expense can add up pretty quickly! While I can’t help you save every single lesson, here are some tips to help you save a few bucks 😀 A lot of online teachers that I know tend to teach on multiple platforms. You can do a Google search to check out their profiles on other platforms. Some platforms offer learning credits. In this blog post, I will show you two different methods to look up your teacher’s other possible profile pages and then what offers might be available.

Method 1 – Use “Search Google for image” to find your teacher


Chrome’s “Search Google for image” will show you pages where your teacher has used the same profile picture. This method works best for teachers who don’t post a lot. For example, if you use this method on me, you’d find my articles, videos, and blog. If I use it on Jenny, as of now, the top two links I see are her AmazingTalker and italki profile. This might change as Jenny creates more online contents.



  1. Go to your teacher’s profile page on Chrome.
  2. Right click your teacher’s profile image. It will pop up a menu.
  3. Left click the option “Search Google for image”. It will open up another tab with a list of results.



Result Page


Jenny’s search result page

Method 2 – Type in “Platform Name: Teacher’s Name”

This method is way more accurate and quicker in looking for your teacher’s profile page. I only know the following 3 platforms:




All you need to do is to type in the platform’s name and followed by your teacher’s name. For example: Amy Lin Amy Lin Amy Lin


If your teacher has a common name, then you will see multiple profiles.








Sign Up Bonus

AmazingTalker is currently offering a $20 sign up bonus. You can use that to take any teacher’s class! Take advantage of this offer as soon as possible as the bonus might change.


Promotional Events

AmazingTalker runs promotional events from time to time. Promotional events often include coupons or free trial lessons (with teachers you haven’t taken a lesson with). AmazingTalker’s events are perfect for students who are interested in multiple languages.


AT Coins

AmazingTalker recently rolled out something called AT Coins, which are learning credits that you can earn from events. They act like cash, so you can use it to pay for your lessons. Note: Unfortunately AT Coins can’t be combined with coupon codes.



Sign Up Bonus

Italki offers $10 student credit when you sign up and take your first lesson. For this one, you will have to pay for the lesson first then you get $10 “credit back”. Think of it as a “discounted class”. You also get 3 free trial lessons. I used my trial lessons on teachers who offer a greatly discounted trial lesson price.




Fixed Price on All Trial Lessons ($6 for 30 Minutes)  

Verbling has a site wide trial price for all teachers, which is $6 for 30 minutes. However, this option can be turned off by the teachers. Tip: Don’t wait. If your teacher is new, he/she might only have the option on for a short period of time.


Promotional Events

Verbling also runs promotional events from time to time, which is usually something along the time of buy 10 lesson and get 1 free.  

I hope these tips would help you save a few bucks. Do you know other platforms that offer sign up bonuses? If so, please share in the comment section below.

Happy learning! 🙂

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