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Language Partners

Language partners are great if you want to make friends and help others learn languages that you know. Italki has a huge directory of potential language partners. For tips on how to create a positive language exchange experience, please check out this post.


Language Tutors/Teachers

amy-lin-italki-logoIf you are looking for conversation practice, I recommend community tutors as they are more affordable than professional teachers. Either way, you can find your tutor/teacher on italki. I am a full-time language teacher on italki as well 😀


Verbling – Easy to use interface. Verbling runs promotions every now and then.

AmazingTalker – One of the new tutoring platforms. Based in Taiwan. AmazingTalker has great customer support. Detailed review as a student can be found here.

Writing Tools

You can use any writing tools to keep a journal for your language learning. I use multiple tools interchangeably. My main one as of November 2016 is Scrivener because of NaNoWriMo.


Click here for Scrivener for Mac.

Click here for Scrivener for Windows.


General Learning

“Work hard, play hard”, it is just as important to take proper rests. Skillshare is one place where I learn to watercolor and do other projects by taking short mini courses. The courses I take are often under 30 minutes. They always come with a class project to help you solidify your learning.

Learn on Skillshare

Other Options

Google Docs – Very handy for live sessions! Utilize the sharing function. – A Google Docs alternative for students/teachers who live in China! 😀 It is less robust compared to Google Docs, but the basic essential functions work just fine.