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AmazingTalker Chinese New Year Coupon/Discount

I can’t believe this is real! Buy 1 get 1 free. Buy 10 get 10 free. NO LIMIT! Where are you going to get lesson deals like this? (Hint: I am a teacher on AmazingTalker too 😂 You’re more than welcome to buy my lessons 😆)


Purchase your lessons like normal, on your checkout page, you will see it says Get X free. No coupon code needed.

Event Period

January 26 to February 2, 2017 (Taiwan Time)


First time hearing about AmazingTalker? Check out my full review here as a student.


Detailed Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial on how to check out on AmazingTalker.

Step 1 – Go to your teacher’s profile page and click on “Pay” after selecting your desired session count.

Step 2 – Confirm the cost before clicking on “Pay”. Notice there is a 10% “service fee”. It is still a great deal though 😎 I am paying $209 for 20 lessons instead of 10. The “free 10 sessions” will be automatically added to your account once you finish checking out. Luckily you don’t need to be a math genius to appreciate the discount 😂

Step 3 – Wait for your browser to get to the payment page. You will see the following page. It says “redirecting you to the credit page, please do not close or leave the page.”

Step 4 – Enter your credit information. The “Order information” doesn’t show the amount in USD, but that shouldn’t be a problem. You can pay via VISA, MasterCard or JCB. 😭 American Express is not accepted.


Step 5 – Ready for the fun part? Your page will refresh gazillion times. If you have motion sickness like me, don’t look at the computer screen for a few seconds. 😵

This one applies to me since I used my Chase Visa card.


Step 6 – Ending A – Wait, WHAT? I just watched you refreshing multiple times and you are telling me it failed?!  Hopefully, you don’t run into this problem, if you do, check out my “Troubleshooting” part for tips.

Step 6 – Ending B – Yay! You have officially purchased for X lessons and got X lesson for free. Happy learning!



My card was declined 5 times. YES, 5 times! I verified with my bank via SMS AND email. Then I had to get on a 30-minute call with my bank. I was THAT persistent in making sure I got the deal. Now, only if I could channel that persistence into learning a language 😂

Chase Calling Card - Get to a human faster

Chase Calling Card – Get to a human faster

Once you are connected to 1800-935-9935, enter your Chase card number (press # if you want to let it know that you have finished entering the card number). Enter your pin number. Press “0000” (4 zeros). Viola, now you are on your way to speaking with a human 😀

Post updated on Jan 26, 2017

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